Our mission

At Rebar Leadership we commit to strengthening, equipping and challenging values-driven leaders for higher levels of performance.

these core values guide rebar leadership

  • Know Your Priorities – We believe knowing priorities gives clear vision, purpose and direction. By intently listening to our clients, we collaborate with them in establishing and defining a future state rooted in their priorities.

  • Set Goals - We believe in setting objective goals for measurable growth. We diplomatically and candidly challenge mindsets, paradigms and behaviors for concrete growth. We equip our clients with tools in the pursuit of their goals and objectives. 

  • Maximize Learning - We’re energized to provide models, concepts and frameworks for learning. We believe in actionable developmental activities that stimulates growth and result in stronger, more confident leaders and teams.

Why the name rebar?

Most contractors who use concrete know it will crack over time. To reinforce the concrete, gridworks of steel rods (called rebar) are strategically placed within the concrete structure to provide extra strength. Rebar equips the concrete to withstand tensions caused by environmental pressures. Rebar allows concrete structures, such as skyscrapers, to challenge engineering feats to higher levels.


Sometimes leaders and teams need reinforcements to strengthen their structures already in place. They need someone to help equip them to withstand pressures. They need someone to challenge them to higher levels of performance. Rebar Leadership exists to do that.