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We strengthen, equip and challenge values-driven leaders for higher levels of performance.

What We Do

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People are an organization’s greatest asset. We collaborate with leaders and teams to construct high-impact learning and development programs, strategies and solutions aligned with your organization’s goals.

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How We Do It

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We take significant time to listen intently to the needs of individuals and organizations to achieve actionable results. Our clients benefit from a customized strategy tailored to their unique needs to improve performance.

What to Expect

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Insight. Solutions. Transformation. Results. We collaborate with clients to build and expand leadership capabilities at all levels. We work with you to provide tools to improve performance and raise the bar higher.


Rebar Leadership offers a variety of customized strategies for leaders, teams and organizations.   Our services are tailored with your organization’s objectives in mind.  

Leadership Development

Research suggests organizations that proactively invest in their leaders create better results. Organizations benefit from strategies that develop leaders for success. Leadership development is an investment in an organization’s success. How are your leaders doing? Is your organization investing in the development of its leaders? We offer several leadership development strategies that challenge leaders for higher levels of performance.

Organization & Board Development

Effective leaders and boards know that keeping an organization healthy is key to a vibrant future. Senior leaders know that when their organization is functioning well, everything is better. Period! Employees are happier. Productivity is higher. The company is more successful. How is the overall health of your organization? Your Board? Our customized organization and board effectiveness strategies help inspire potential and create breakthroughs together.

Team Development

Ingredients of healthy teams to achieve superior results include a shared vision, genuine trust, effective communication, mutual accountability and minimal conflict. The strength of these inter-related elements determines the functionality of the team. Before developing effective team building strategies, we take the time to listen to the challenges a team is experiencing. How’s your team functioning? We design and deliver training and development strategies with your unique results in mind.

WHAT Our Clients SAY

Working with Scott through a series of meetings effectively catalyzed needed development in our leadership team. This came at a crucial time, following a rapid expansion into a new service line with a relatively inexperienced and itself expanding team. By looking thoughtfully at our individual and collective resources and challenges, with Scott's input and guidance, we were able to intentionally consolidate and harness individual talents into group synergies that might not have otherwise coalesced, and certainly not as robustly.

Dr. Stephen Setterberg

Founder & Owner, PrairieCare

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